Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why a Blog?

                               Why write a blog for the people who know me? Because someday I won't be here. And I have things to say that maybe no one has time to listen to right now. Because I talk too much and I read body language too well! When I see someone start to space out, rub their forehead, or yawn...not good signs. And I like to get my thoughts out of my head to see if I really believe them. Mostly I wanted to tell you about important things. Stuff I think about that might be unique to me. I'm used to you guys rolling your eyes at some of the stuff I talk about! Or saying "Mommy! Don't SAY that!" So, this way is a better way. That's all.
                                 I have had such a good life! Every bad decision, every mistake, and every seemingly terrible thing that has ever happened to me has been turned to good. I see God's hand in all of it. I always have. I just understand things better now. Things seem clearer. Life for me has definitely improved with age. I've had to listen to those voices that ask me if I could've done more or better with my life. For a long time I wondered if I'd wasted any part of it. Did I not accomplish the stuff that only I could accomplish?
                                So, this blog is to answer that question in the telling of experiences I've had throughout my life that have made me the person that I am. You and I, at times, may have disagreed on how to go about certain things, like how many children to have, or whether or not I should've helped support the family by  getting a job. Just know that I'm happy and I think I always have been. The world and my part in it makes sense to me. Isn't that all that anyone could ask for?
                               So, in short, I'm writing to get things out of my head and out to you so  that I won't have any regrets....for not having had the courage, opportunity, or time to say them them in your presence.

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